Optimize your safety ?

Foreword by the Director

Over the past years, the sociopolitical development in Benin has been marked by the strengthening of democracy, the reinforcement of economic opening and the improvement of the institutional framework for the thriving of business. This situation raised an increasing interest from foreign ad local investors for the opportunities offered by the national ecomic development.

It is clear that the sustainability of this process requires from public authorities renewed efforts to maintain a sate environment that is business friendly as business never thrive in an environment of permanent social unrest and insecurity. Paradoxically, the economic boom also attracts the underworld who outdo in ingenuity to take advantage, in a cowardly way, from the hard work of businessmen and businesswomen.

That is the reason why, strengthened by its international experience as security services provider, and aware of its role of safety assistant, ASM BENIN Company is determined to assit the National Defense and Security Forces to ensure a sate economic and social environment.

In this respect, ASM BENIN proposes solutions most suitable to meet specific need of individuals and companies as well as private persons thtough innovating solutions, by using the experiencec and kwow-how of national and inetrnational experts. We also use the latest updated technology namely : electronic surveillance, electronic security, video-surveillance, tracking, and specialized protection airport safety. Trust ASM BENIN expertise……The active securitye.